Westmore Association Annual Scholarship Program


The Westmore Association has a long tradition of supporting the educational pursuit of its citizens and, as such, awards an annual scholarship to a student or individual from Westmore pursuing post high school education.

In order to qualify for this scholarship an individual:

1) Must be a Westmore resident or a child of a Westmore resident

2) Must have been accepted to a post high school academic or vocational educational program. Priority will be given to undergraduate applicants working towards a baccalaureate, associates or certificate degree program

3) Must submit an application which can obtained from the local high school guidance department or online from the Westmore Association website (westmoreassociation.org)

4) The application must include an essay that highlights the candidates’ qualifications. This will include his/her educational and career goals and a description of how receipt of the scholarship would benefit the applicant

5) Applicant will submit at least one letter of recommendation from a professional or academic reference which speaks to the applicant’s integrity and academic potential

6) Applications are accepted until June 15th each year. (July 1st for those seeking renewal.)

7) Notifications will be made prior to the Westmore Association’s annual meeting held on the fourth Thursday of July of each year

Members of the scholarship committee will make the selection(s) and then present them to the Board of Directors for a final decision. All students must show proof of enrollment by October 1st of the academic year. Scholarships may be renewable annually for the duration of the students’ undergraduate tenure. A formal request for renewal must be made by the student by July 1st prior to the next academic year.

This request must include:

• transcripts showing good academic standing in their current course of study

  • • a brief essay (250-500 words) detailing the following:course of study/degree pursued
  • on/off campus work study/volunteer efforts
  • a statement as to how the renewal of the scholarship benefits your academic pursuits