Our Lakes and Mountains

While mostly known for Willoughby Lake, Westmore is home to numerous other beautiful lakes and ponds, including Long Pond, Brown Pond, Mud Pond, Bald Hill Pond etc.

Lake Willoughby, with a depth of over 300 feet, is the deepest lake in Vermont and is framed at its southern end by the famed Willoughby Gap. Westmore’s Lakes offer superb recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming etc.

Westmore is surrounded by an impressive number of mountains that offer tremendous opportunities for hiking and ice climbing amid some of the most beautiful scenery in Vermont. Mounts Pisgah and Hor frame the Willoughby Gap and Wheeler, Bald, Haystack, Moose and other mountains provide an extensive trail system enjoyed by many. The truly impressive views of Willoughby and surrounding lakes and mountains from these trails are one of the many wonders of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont