Minutes Annual Meeting 2017

Westmore Association
Annual Meeting
July 27, 2017

President Art Brooks began the meeting by calling on Mary Lou Cummings. Mary Lou announced the names of the ten scholarship students and those who were in attendance were given their $1,000 checks. Ellie Majchzak gave the Arts & Entertainment report on upcoming Westmore events. Daniel Smith announced a jazz concert at the church.

Dinner was served.

Mari Harter gave the Songadeewin grace and Art called the meeting to order at 6:50pm. Carroll said she would entertain a motion to accept the minutes as written without reading them. Mary Eby so moved, Michelle Kukla seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Bruce Tanner gave the treasurer’s report for the period January, 2016 to December 2016. We started the year off with $29,340 and ended the year with $33,704. Income included about $10,000 in memberships and $1,700 in calendar sales. Major expenses were $10,000 in scholarships, greeters pay and construction of the greeter kiosk, a gift to Friends of Vermont State Parks, beautification and trail work. For 2017, we have a net gain of $3,279. Carroll moved the treasurer’s report be accepted, Malcolm Morville seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Ray Lanier was not available to give the greeters and milfoil report but Art noted that greeters are seeing a lot of milfoil on boats leaving Willoughby. We have maps of where the milfoil beds are and urge boaters to stay away from them. The milfoil divers started on Monday, July 24. Concern was voiced about kayaks and canoes being launched at the south end where there is no one to inspect the boats.

Betsy Plume gave the membership report. She said we currently have 250 members which is about 25 members more than last year. She noted our postage expenses would be decreased if more members were willing to receive communications from the Association via e-mail.

Malcolm Morville said he stays active in keeping the web site up-to-date. The Willoughby weather station, on the Seslar’s roof, has a video camera and gives air temperature, water temperature, wind speed and direction plus rainfall. Sadly the on-line streaming of the web camera is not working. There is a You Tube problem which Gary is seeking to rectify. Photographs are being collected for the 2018 calendar and it is hoped they can be printed before people start closing up their camps.

Art noted that Betsy Plume said the Pisgah trail was in good shape. Daniel Ian Smith asked that people walk through puddles on the trails, not around them, as walking around creates a larger trail footprint which is not necessarily a good thing for the forest environment. It was noted there are trees down in the Westmore Town Forest.

Sharon Strange said the Willoughby Lake Guide had been updated over the winter and had gone to the printer in May. Proofs had still not been received but we hope to have them soon.

Art remarked that the following people were going off the Association board: himself, Carroll Guitar, Evelina Busby, Mary Lou Cummings and Phyllis Parrott. Evelina, reporting for the nominating committee, said the following members have agreed to come on the board: Abbie Gowdy-Chase, Karen Richardson, Renee Leveille, Claudia York and Daniel Ian Smith. Anne Brooks moved the nominations be accepted, Evelina seconded the motion and the motion carried. Pam Kennedy and Betsy Plume agreed to renew their membership on the board for another 3 years each.

Art Brooks then called on Louisa Dotoli to discuss the local by-laws regarding lakefront properties. The State of Vermont says that 82% of them are in fair or poor condition. Louisa noted the Westmore by-laws are available from the Town Clerk’s office and on-line. She went through the major points of concern to remind property owners of the rules and when to apply to the town zoning committee to be permitted to make changes or enhancements to lake frontage. She noted that there are Vermont regulations that are different than the Westmore regulations and those whose property fall under Act 250 are under different regulations as well. In closing, Louisa urged property owners to make themselves aware of the by-laws regarding buffer zones and natural shorelines.

Art asked if there was other business to come before the board and Diane Ledher asked about the two transfer station employees who have quit. Vince Dotoli had been at the selectboard meeting and said that although that was true, pick-ups would continue and things will be OK in the future.

Roger Canal moved that the meeting be adjourned; Bruce Wheeler seconded the motion and the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:35. The Silent Auction proceeded.

Respectfully submitted,

Carroll Guitar,