Membership! A plea from your president.

I marvel everyday at the beauty and warmth of this amazing community we share and am consistently inspired by the efforts of the individuals that make it so special. I attended the event we held last week on the History of the Willoughby Woods and the Civilian Conservation Corps and was not only impressed by the content, clarity and depth of the presentations that were given, but I was equally ¬†impressed by the crowd in attendance. So many great questions were posed and it was clear how many people were really captivated and learned so much from this informative presentation. This is just a small part of what we do and what your membership enables us to do at the Westmore Association. We need your support! Won’t you consider joining and supporting this important organization? If you’re already a member we encourage you to try and recruit your friends, family and neighbors to join. Thanks so much and I hope to see you at one of our events, on the trail to the peak of Pisgah, or on Lake Willoughby very soon! Don’t forget to join us at the annual meeting and pot luck supper next Thursday, July 26 at 5PM. I look forward to seeing you.


Daniel Ian Smith, President